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Pure Hot Water Window Cleaning

Using carbon fibre poles and purpose-designed brushes we gently clean with pure water heated to a temperature suitable for outdoor conditions and can work to a height of up to 40ft.

As no detergent is used, algae and dirt are removed without any soapy film being left on the glass surface which quickly attracts dirt. Purified water ensures your windows stay cleaner for longer, will leave a streak free finish and helps prolong the life of your seals and frames.

Another advantage of pure water window cleaning is that the quality and result are unaffected by rain, the same cannot be said for traditional squeegee cleaning.

Our Window Cleaning Service

Reach the unreachable

Windows above conservatory roofs and building extensions previously unreachable can be easily and safely cleaned.

Regular or one-off cleans

We offer a 4 or 8 weekly service, or even one-time cleans. We provide the service that suits you best.

Frames, Sills and doors cleaned

We don't just clean the glass, we also clean all frames, sills and doors every time.

Safety is a priority

All work is safely carried out from the ground so there’s no risk of damage to lawns, flower beds or roof tiles.

Cleaning up to 40ft

Using our high reach window cleaning system we can safely clean to a height of 40ft.

Hot water cleaning

We are one of the only window cleaning company’s in Lancashire to offer HOT pure water window and Facia cleaning.

Why Hot Water Window Cleaning?

Simply put, hot pure water cleans more effectively than cold water because it softens and absorbs dirt much faster. It’s the same principle of why you use hot water rather than cold to clean your dishes at home.

Hot Pure Water is superb at cutting through dirt, bird mess, snail trails, fly spots, pollutants and spiders webs. It can also help remove stains from your frames and sills more thoroughly than cold water.

Having used cold water for the past 9 years, the results have improved remarkably with our hot water system.

We’re confident that once you’ve seen just how effective pure hot water window cleaning is, you wouldn’t consider having them done any other way.

Inside Window Cleaning

For a spotlessly clean look we clean inside windows for our customers using traditional window cleaning equipment.

This is a separate service which is priced accordingly and has to be booked by appointment.

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